Oct 10, 2011


What the story is about:

Sometime ago, when I was still living in Mestre, Venice, I spent a few weeks with my very close friend Martina who lives outside Rome.
Every day we went to a lovely small riding school where she kept two horses, one old and quiet and another one young and very high strung, he was a half-bred with a terrible character.
Eucalyptus trees grew all around the place and the landscape was gorgeous. The riding-school was on very old ground and close to Ostia Antica, a Roman port which was founded 650 years BC, in many ways more interesting than Pompei and a beautiful place to visit.
We drove daily to the local vegetable wholesaler to buy carrots and other goodies for Martina’s two darlings.
One day we went to the horse-fair in Verona where she bought an incredible amount of things like: a double-faced woolen blanket, leg-covers, skin-oils, special candies etc.
But whenever she went to see No Wonder (the spoiled brat), he threw temper tantrums, snorting, pulling the reins and kicking with his hind legs.
This inspired me to the story of No Wonder, the above told from his point of view… feeling too good for anything and desiring expensive things like a convertible car, cashmere blankets etc. up to the point where he finally realizes risking to be sold to the horse-butcher…. No wonder….